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I absolutely love to write. Writing is my greatest passion. I have written more novels, short stories, screenplays, poems, songs, etc. by the age of 15 than most people could dream to write in a decade. Writing lets me get away from everything and just go into my own little world. It lets me do anything... which is good because I want to do it all! Writing is just so fun and amazing. And writing lets me make errors (which I can always correct) and it doesn't care that I do (unless of course I'm typing on Word...). And I'm powerful when I'm writing. I have even told my enemies on more than one occasion that I would "murder them in literature" since thrillers, horror, and suspense are what I do best. It helps that I'm good with words, I suppose. But, I was born to write. I have an artist's soul, and I intend to use it.
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omg i absolutely feel that way everitime i write i feel like i made a littel world for me to enter and relieve it. amazing

BRAVO ! I too have this passion to write. I always have a pad and pen handy when I'm away from the PC. I want to write dialog for screenplays. I am charged now and ready to write again .It's something so near and dear to me and I can't take it for granted. My experiences are so many at age 67 and I know more than I did at 21 that helps me with stories , now it's up to me to create a picture of what it was like when I ..... I can relate to so many Characters and invent what ever character I want in my play. I love ideas and these ideas put on paper gives me a satisfation if I can help anyone ,it's a plus. I just love it.

How blessed you are, and talented. To be so prolific, how wonderful! I am reading The Artist's Way to unblock my creativity. I wrote prolifically all my life and published a few poems. Then at 37 my life's work , in a 50 pound box, was thrown away by my spiteful sister. It was devastating. There was a book of poems and two finished novels in there, along with many journals and tons of poems. Some of it has come back to me. I couldn't write a thing for two years, I was so torn up. How could she? She doesn't understand that that was my life. I didn't have children, I had my writing. I finally started writing again, slowly at first, just Haiku for awhile, and slowly built up to stories and now I'm working on a novel and an article for the local paper. I have filled over 100 journals in the last three years. It is so therapeutic and I thank God for this gift. Can't wait to hear more about your writing! I only wrote one horror story in my life. It was ba<x>sed on a nightmare I had. Do you see stories and novels in your dreams? They come to me like that. It is bizarre. I can just read them from a page in my sleep, or I dream a whole novel, the whole plot and wake up and jot it down in a notebook by the bed. Peace and blessings to you....and much success. You deserve it!

And You do it so well, PR! <br />
<br />
I agree with your comment: some day You *will* be published!

Aww thank you!!! :)

:D writing is a consant changeable medium, with LITERALLY infinite possibilities. <br />
its powerful, deep, strong and beautiful, when crafted with the right hands.

Very well put. :)

Ah so nice to see you on here! I will most certainly keep on writing (its the best thing this soul knows how to do other than love!!). :)

Thank you!! <br />
<br />
Now why are you supposing you are dreaming?

I am so happy for you that you have found your passion and are able to do what you love. Keep up the good work and may be we can meet one day and share our experiences!!!!!<br />
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Dreaming I am I suppose

As a child I loved biographies and autobiographies.

Thank you!!! And I wish you some luck, too. Sounds to me like you've got talent in your bones. :) And rewriting is a fabulous thing!! I've rewritten one of my novels 5 times. It starts out as editing. And then I add in more and drastically change other parts. Its fun. Its kinda like revisiting an old friend, you know? I wish the best for you. And just keep putting pen to paper and let your talent guide you! :)

You sound really talented, the most I've written and finished, but I'm now attempting to rewrite it. I wish you a ton of luck though! just reading your post makes me tell a bit about your talent. My grandma and mom said I could be anywhere and start telling a story. the mention the time i was at a hospital restroom and i told them a 20-minute stories about a 'dolphin family' on the stall walls... when I hear that I feel so powerful within my writing it's almost scary, I get this big smile and tell them I'm going to be an novelist..<br />
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But really I wish you a ton of luck!!

Oh, wow... well, thank you. I truly appreciate that, with all my heart I do and I say thank you. I do intend to dedicate one to her. The one I'm working on now; the one she told me would be the one to get me known. Thank you. And, just work on it. Try doing outlines first. Thats how I started out. I still do that sometimes. Write down the charcters, every detail you can put down about them. Then write a small summary of what you know so far about the story. And go from there. No detail is too small. Just start writing. I make myself do exercises. I just did one the other day; a short story consisting only of dialogue, nothing else. I did one working with two different tenses in the same story. Just give yourself exercises, maybe even timed ones. And once you get your practice in, it'll be a breeze to go back to the big stuff. Thanks, again. :)

i just want to say that i think its fantastic that you have that in your life and in your soul, you have it so deep. i also love to write but i have never been able to write a full novel, i doont' knbow why. i have the ideas amd chararcters, i just cant seem to write them down.<br />
i hope you do so well with your work. maybe dedicate one to shanna.<br />
all the best x

Oh, no problem! Lol.. yeah.. Its so comforting to know you can get away with the most heinous of crimes if you do them with pen and paper. :D Actually... thats kind of scary.... *cold chill* >

Well... one tip is: when you get writers' block, don't just quit writing. Move on to another project for awhile. :) I wrote a play and screenplay during writer's block on one of my current novels. And I'm almost finished with one now! And another thing: if you get an idea, no matter how silly it may seem, write it down. Also: when you are thinking about writing, get a piece of paper and just list ideas. They don't have to agree with each other, either. Then, you just go through, see what you've got, pick and choose, and start creating!<br />
Any other questions? Lol...<br />
<br />
And, thank you, by the way. :)

I love all of Christopher Pike's books that I've read. I haven't read The Secret Path... but I have read Chain Letter (1 & 2) and they were GOOD. I also really like The Midnight Club. I haven't actually read any of Nicholas Sparks, but I have saw both of those movies and loved them. I want to get the books.. I agree that books are always better than movies. But, when it comes to horror, while I like the books better, I LOVE horror films (old and new).

so share with me: What are some of your favorite books of all time?<br />
<br />
My favorite one by Nicholas Sparks was A Walk to Remember. It was awesome. The movie was okay, but personally I liked the book better. My other favorite that is so popular is The Notebook. It was awesome. All of his books seem to be turned into movies. His words are so vivid and his books are great. Seems like the books you wish were made into movies so you could have a better understanding of it never are. My favorite book by Christopher Pike is The Secret Path.

It's okay. lol

I like mystery books too that start out creepy and I just have to keep on reading them to find out what happens next. Horror/ thriller books are better than horror/ thriller movies, but I'll admit I only watch that kind of stuff at Halloween time. Most of that stuff usually scares me unless other people are watching it with me. Personally I think all books are awesome.

Lol. I'll bet that romance novel turns out quite nicely, then. I have written about many things. Mainly horror/thriller. I'm a horror freak... so it works out. But, I'm trying my hand at everything.

yeah, i suppose. i am actually in the middle of creating a romance novel too. my bf gives me a lot of inspiration for that. enough said? it's coming together quite nicely. the best thing i've written yet. only have 25 pages done, but it's getting there. so what have you written about so far???

Yeah, he's good, too.<br />
It isn't you who decides whether they're good or not. Its the reader. =]

He is good, my other favorite is Nicholas Sparks. I've just written short stories and poems, but most of mine isn't good enough to be published.

Excuse me, but - writers (like me ) are the worst judges of their own work. How do you know your work "isn't good enough"? Share it with EP people on "I Like Creative Writing" site. They are honest people who enjoy a good read - their comments and hearts will tell you if it ist "good enough".


Someday, my work will be published, and I would be more than happy to have you read them! What have you written? And I like romance novels, too. But true crimes are my favorite. Though, my favorite author is Christopher Pike.

Wow. I wish I could read some of your great works. I also like writting, but probably not as much as you. My favorite types of books to read are romance novels.