When You Lose Your Passion/ You lose part of yourself

I am what most consider old.lol  Up to about 10 yrs ago I use to write all the time. Poems and short stories,& songs. The last thing I can remember writing is a poem for my daughter before she was born. During the 11 yrs of being a single mom I lost my passion. I guess between work and being a mom I just didn't have time. I hope and pray that I find that passion again. Thats what I love about experience project. Forgive me y'all if I am a little Rusty. I hope to improve. Thank Ya ll.
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It is always there on the inside of you.
It waits and you will always know when the time is write to put pen to paper or fingers to key board. It is part of who you are and a way to express yourself. Don't judge what you write, just write and you will find that it will flow. :)

Creativity muscles need to be used just like any other muscle, or it becomes weak and needs re-conditioning. I hope you continue to flex your creativity muscle by posting here, however you are feeling about it.<br />
Keep writing! It's important!

I learned lots of things about your stories. thanks for sharing them.I will patiently wait for some.

I'd be interested to read any of your "writings"

Thank You my kind knight. <br />
I will try my best.<br />
No everyone gets to "read" my best. lol