My Passion

Writing is soothing to me.  It's also energizing.  I can be anyone I want to be on paper.  I am not afraid.  I can be any character I create and tell a story about some small part of me that I might otherwise try to hide.  I can also tell my own story easier as it seems to have less power on paper, the memories are less threatening. 

I journal constantly.  It is my release.  The pent up poisons pour themselves into the book and when I close it, they lose power.  I re-learn that I am in control, not my emotions.  I gain perspective, problems become more easily solved.

Someday I will write something to be published.  That is my real dream.

Tigress35 Tigress35
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4 Responses Jun 20, 2007

I'll try do to that. I'll start tonight. You will be my inspiration. Thanks

I can relate to you. I feel like when I write my emotions down they are easier to handle. It is cathartic and therapeutic. I journal obsessively. It keeps me sane!!!! I wish you great success in publishing. Do you have a copy of The Writer's Market? It lists thousands of publishers. An updated one comes out every year, and there is a Poet's Market , too. Have fun and God richly bless you!:):)

I wish I have that courage, to reveal more of myself through my words.

Wow, that's deep. I really like how you express your feelings by writing, and how you tell about that in this post. ^_^