I look at the clock,
The seconds feel like minutes,
Minutes feel like hours,
Hours feels like days.
When will the time speed up?
Will it ever speed up?
The uncertainty is driving me insane,
I want the seconds to feel like seconds!
The minutes to feel like minutes!
When my eyes are open it's like an unending day,
But when my eyes finally close the time speeds up,
Hours feel like minutes
Minutes feel like seconds
I don't even feel the seconds go by,
If only there were a way that I could rest my mind,
Long enough not to go insane,
At this rate,
The time may as well stop,
ItsJustBryce ItsJustBryce
16-17, M
4 Responses Dec 3, 2013

That sounds just like everyday life.

Hi there I understand what you are saying although I cannot express myself the talented way you do. I have headaches with that, expecting time to have a different pace. It will not. I can tell you that from 38 years experience. Try to live now. Create headspace for you. Meditate. Write and take this feelings out of you. 💆

So much talent!!

This is really good!