Yes, Writing Is Grand.

I am currently working on a few books. They are all fantasy/science fiction.
Am I the only one that has problems finishing their works? It's so hard for me, cause I get distracted by other ideas, and stuff. One book I am writing with a friend; it's gonna be good. I guess that's all then, g'bye.
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I'm the same way.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that leaves novels and the like unfinshed. I also get distracted by new ideas that flow into my head.

I always know the way I want my stories to go, it's just that in my head, it happens so fast, and the actual writing takes so long that by the time I'm a couple chapters into it I've gotten bored with it and am thinking up new ideas. Teehee, I'm ADHD, so I have an excuse, right?

It is a common problem I hear of from many writers, i.e. to finish a story. I belive sometimes it is a conflict between the creative juices flowing and the type of discipline of a boring accountant which is needed. I have some how escaped that propblem. I have three published SF novels, over 50 genealogical articles published and several short stories which I call chapbooks. It seems I think of the entire concept of a plot and it's conclusion when the idea of a story first appears to me. A story has a beginning, a middle and an end. We all get the message or story we want to write, but we have to consider how a story ends before we can write toward that goal. You get what you can conceive of.

It's not weird at all..Sometimes when I start a story I have to create a character specifically to kill them off so that I don't get too attached to them. :p

I am glad to hear Im not the only one :) I also write science fiction and fantasy, and I am currently working on five different stories, but have put about thirty or so on the backburner for years! Ive decided this will be the year I actually finish something and try to get published. Does anyone else get ideas from music and movies and also just daily thngs like work or going to a bar? Music is my biggest muse right now, its amazing the story that a song can tell if you listen closely and are creative. Im very excited to find others like me, I was beginning to wonder if I was not normal (well, really, what is normal?) I also find I have a hard time if I need a character to story I was working on a few years ago I stopped becouse it upset me so much to kill off a character, but thats the way the story was headed and I couldnt stop. Is that wierd?

Yes, it's hard ti give them up. Maybe you could write a sequel? Then you could keep your MC but also finish the book. Just a suggestion.