People think they know me, they see me as shy, dumb and invisible. But that's not me, to be honest no one really knows who I am, people think they know what I am thinking and what I would do in most situations, and most of the time they are wrong. I'm at that horible age when your not sure what the future holds or where your going to go. You want the future to start but at the same time, your so afraid. Wondering if your hopes and dreams will work out and if they don't, we'll then what, where does that leave us. You working and studding at the same time, then on top of that you have all your personal problems. So personal you can't talk to anyone about it, because this world we live on right now, judges you on everything. Even the closest people around you. I am so confused with everything right now, and for once in my life, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing.
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Being afraid and unsure of your future...does it help just a little to know sooooooo many people your age feel the same way? They do, whether they say it or not.

Your dreams...if you have a dream, you hold fast to it and keep working on it...and don't let ANYONE tell you it won't happen! But, remember, it won't just happen. You must make it happen.

People judging hell with them! Be true to yourself. Work to achieve that which appeals to you and it will happen. If you do that while worrying about being judged, it will be a lot harder.

Personal problems...we all have those. Feel free to share them here. You're among friends and anonymous.

No idea what you're doing...point yourself in the direction you deem to be the best direction. Now, put one foot in front of you, pull yourself forward, now, do the same with the other foot and KEEP GOING!

Just be true to yourself: don't be frightened to aim for what you really want …. if it happens, then well done; if it doesn't happen then at least you gave it your best shot …and that is NOT failure. Failure is not trying to fulfil your potential! Oh …and there is ALWAYS someone who will listen to you without judging … x

I didnt know the boat i am in is that big.. i suggest u chill. Just enjoy ur own company.

That's exactly what almost everyone our age is going through. You expressed something anyone can relate to and I thank you for it :)
Some of us do not understand it the way you just said it.
But please check your grammar before you post ;)