I Really Do.

I wouldn't ever say that writing is my hobby. That would be too weak and too unappropriate expression for everything that it means to me.

Writing is my desire, my passion, my freedom, my way of leaving the mark. I may say that it has actually become my way of thinking as well.

Often do I get questioned what inspires me the most. And each time I find myself in the same unfavourable situation, when I simply don't know which answer to give. It's too complilcated to tighten all of my ideas into one category. Then I just say, in most cases: Life. 

Life with all its shapes and manifests is truly what make me feel like discussing about its magnificence, and the way I do it is the unstrained and perennial act of writing. No matter if it is an everyday situation or some philosophical problem what made me ruminate, I would always eternize my thoughts by putting it onto the piece of paper. That's how I am supposed to operate in this world and I feel it most strongly.



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17 Responses Feb 8, 2009


I full heartedly agree!

Me too!

Wow even a few paragraphs for a social website sound like poetry. I'd love to read anything written by you :)

I think writing is such a great passion to have because you are empowered to make people understand things and you can say things you wouldn't normally say in person.I also enjoy writing and write a lot every single day.Its the only time I really feel content.<br />
<br />
Charityjh<br />

i only can say i really envy your passion for writing. (:

Wow, you've expressed that so beautifully.

Agreed. <br />
You write very beautifully. I have had the same experience and I am happy that you feel inspired by life because even I am inspired by life. Just like you I can't put all my ideas in one category & hence my reply to the question mentioned above is the same. That is why I was surprised and happy after I finished reading. I love the way you express your feelings through your writing . Keep up the good work!! :D

I really feel you! <br />
It has really moved me so much how much we feal the same.. <br />
You say it so well.. I have just felt thé words... never knew how to put it down or how to explaine it to someone els..<br />
But know I know..<br />
<br />
Thank you for that!!<br />
Stay blessed<br />
grtz all away from Belgium!

Yeah thats the way it goes; as the wind and I can't help but want to just glide along it's drift.....

It really doesn't come easily to me, but I agree. :)

Wow! First of all I would like to say that I just absolutly love the way you write, creative and inspiring! I would love to write the way you do. I love to read and would like to write a novel, short story or anything for that matter! But when I put pen to paper NOTHING . . . maybe one day I will be able to express words on paper like you do . . . <br />
<br />
Imani Corleone

You took the words from my mouth! I feel exactly the same!<br />
I am happy to see you also are fascinated by LIFE... which is always be more amazing that fiction.