Passion is a form of mental strength through determination.  Be it a passion of love, a passion of athletics, or writing, pasion advances us to our goals.  it gives us the needed boost if we hit an obstacle, letting us continue.  My passion is for love and writing, both equally important, each pertaining to my everyday.  My writing takes priority over almost anything, even some academic subjects, but the passion for my significant other, whom ive been with for over a year now, overcomes everything.  i have saved her life, and she has returned the gesture more times than she knows or thinks.  i find myself writing even when i mean not to.  i have gone from outlining DNA replication to poetry on a single sheet of paper, even writing short stories where i should be writing research.  It creeps upon me like a shadow, silently.  i cannot resist the sweet drink of euphoric nectar as my pen meets paper, deciding the fate of some soul in another world, deciding how he acts, or how he will die, or even something mundane as what he will eat.  my writings are my children, and i care for them undoubtedly.

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i love to write too thanks for sharing!