I keep a paper journal - I have for 13 years there are 20 books all together.

I also keep 3 blogs that I update at least once a month, between them are over 1500 entries.

And yet I can't seem to settle down enough to write a book.


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You know bluehaiku, when I read my blogs over, I think - this really isnt that bad, maybe I should try to put it together and share it somehow, but I always talk myself out of it.<br />
Who would want to read what I write?

Yeah flourlady, you know Ive never seen it like that, writing is like water or air to me. I guess I can take it for granted, but I truly do enjoy it. Thanks for reminding me!

JameJon I love short stories. It is my favorite Genre. Unfortunately, Im much better at nonfiction than fiction, so I cant exactly write the short stories I would like, but I have found that I can break up experiences and observations Ive had. I started year before last just writing things down, I have 150 or so pages, but I would need about 215 more, If I want to complete a devotional of some sort. I dont know, I guess I have to take it one day at a time, and just keep at it.<br />
My blogs do have different themes. I have the most private public blog of anyone I know, and I have a private blog that I hope no one knows about, and I have a fitness type blog. I dont write in all of them each day, but I do make an effort to write in my journal everyday. Even if it is a sentence.

Maybe you can scan your journals for story ideas, or compile your journals into a book of some sort.

sounds like you have something you really enjoy that is good.

Maybe a book isn't really where your writing is at.<br />
<br />
Have you thought of short stories? Essays of your observations on life? There must be a wealth of material for that in your journals.<br />
3 blogs, eh? That's cool. Do you have a separate theme for each blog?