I've been writing this kind of novel/story/amature-attempt-at-a-book (I really can't decide what to call it) for over a year and a half.

I'm about half way-ish through, but the truth is, I'm really nervous for anyone else to see it. I mean, I don't mind showing odd extracts to people from time to time, but I hate it when people can see my vulnerable side, and what is writing, if not a reflection of who you really are?

I love writing, and I don't really want whatever sort of skill I might have to be tarnished by my being insecure, but I'm not sure what to do.  I'm not certain on how high my writing level is, and this just makes me feel even more nervous for anyone to see it.

  I don't want the embarrassment of having to show my mum (she's an English teacher, too, which makes me feel so much more confident), or to have to show my friends, either.  What should I do?

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Thank you, I really appreciate those comments, and I actually think it's given me some more confidence to simply ask for some advice.<br />
Thanks a lot.<br />
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-domitilla :)

I can relate to this whole heartedly. I dont really have any advice, but I just wanted to tell you that you arent alone.

i'm a writer myself. i've written many many short stories, and my ultimate goal is to get a novel done someday. i know exactly how you feel. showing someone else your work can be really scary! for a long time, i didn't let anyone read any of it, because i just felt too vulnerable about it.<br />
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it wasn't until recently that i let someone read one of my short stories. i was an absolute wreck while they read it. i'd written it as kind of an ironic comedy thing, and when they laughed at the parts i'd intended to be funny, that was the best feeling in the world! getting positive feedback inspires me to do even better work, and as much as negative can be hard to hear, it also makes me a better writer in the long run.<br />
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i'd say find someone, even just one person, who you trust and feel really comfortable with, and show them something you've written. it can be something really short, and just tell them to be totally honest about it. i think you'll find that the more you share, the more confident you'll feel. i'm sure you're a wonderful writer, and i bet you'll get some great feedback that will help a lot along the way. best of luck to you! :)

Do you write a lot?

My pleasure. :) Now, maybe I should follow my own

Thank you, that's really helped. I think I'll concentrate on finishing the text, and then see how I feel about sharing it with someone I trust.<br />
I really appreciate the advice you've given me,<br />
thanks, and I really mean that.<br />
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I know how you feel....writing is such a personal experience, and to share what you've written, what you've put your heart into creating, is like exposing all your soft spots for anyone to bruise, and it's scary. <br />
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All I can say is find someone whose opinion you value, who knows a little something about writing. Let them know you've put your heart into a piece of writing you would like their opinion on...this lets them know how important it is to you, so any criticism will be constructive, not DEstructive. Then just listen. <br />
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It's only scary until you do it. Once you share your writing with someone you've overcome that hurdle, and it's easier after that. <br />
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I wish you all the best!