Come and join me!

The dawn had birthed the day so pale
And the far winds blew a'howling
The snow fell soft upon the dale
And the young man felt a calling
He got his father's horse and spear
And struck out to the cross way
He left the lass that he knew dear
And wandered to the next day

Through angry storms and barren lands
He went the wearied path
But with her knot within his hands
He braved destiny's wrath
The ravens piked the new slain knight
The winds blew evermore
Through bare bones beneath the night
That loved nevermore

He sought his joy in distant realms
His horn sounded his glory
Battered was the winged helm
He carried through his story
His hair grew long and palest silver
He rested in forests shady
The cold winds bit and made him shiver
As he dreamt of his lovely lady

On a black lake beneath a star
He thought of his true love
Was she alive in his home so far?
Was it yet time to end his rove?
He didst glance back at the gloamed horizon
Where his lady might still be
He slept and saw the darkness brighten
And now he waits for she.

LachlannArasgain LachlannArasgain
22-25, M
Aug 23, 2014