A short fictional work.
by Trace Avery

August, borderline September, the early morning hour of 3:05 am and I am awake. Late Summer morning, muggy, and restless, unable to sleep because of thoughts. Thoughts that scream for attention and to be placed into a stories format. I rise from my bed and throwing the thin sheet from my nude body, I sit upright with head held in ageing hands. Staggering to the bathroom I shower to give my mind a rest and to cool my body. The A C is set and doing it’s job but my flesh was miserably warm and sweaty. I knew without thinking on it, that the water from the shower was the relief I needed.

Once out of the shower and reaching for a towel, I hear a strange noise come from outside the sliding glass doors that allow me to view my horses out in the pasture from my bed.

Immediately I drop my towel and picking up a pistol that I keep within hand reach of my bed, I open the doors and step out onto a damp deck, gazing about with only the light of a star lit sky.

The air is surprisingly crisp and feels amazing on my wet bare skin, the moon is in hiding but the glittering sparkles high above me give off enough ample light to give me a clear view of my surroundings. I notice nothing out of place and all is wonderfully quiet but I slowly inch around, inspecting each area of my property, following the wooden path beneath my feet.

Looking to the south over the pastures, all is well. Turning to the west side over looking the ponds still waters there is nothing out of place. Rounding the corner to the North, the carport stands sentry guarding my vehicles but still there is nothing that draws special attention.

Finally I’m looking to the east and the quiet country two lane that lays within eyesight from the front of my home is just that, quiet. The grass is aglow from the lights along the fence and the security light next to the drive but again, all is well.

Returning to my starting point at the glass doors, I reach out for the handle and just as my fingers touch the grip, I jump and a wave of shivers cross my body. The strange noise came again, this time right behind me. Turning on the balls of my feet I stood to face it only to see empty air space. I placed my left hand on the railing and as my eyes again searched out into the yard with weapon drawn within the tight grip of my right hand, I waited to hear anything that shouldn't be.

Just as I was about to think I had gone nuts and was imagining everything, something touched my hand, A soft touch, an odd feeling, and my eyes rolled within their sockets downward pulling my head in the direction of the touch, the railing, and my left hand which gripped the railing even tighter.

I was ready to shoot or to die, whichever came about but I wasn’t ready for what I was now staring at.

A whimper and then another soft touch as this large hairy animal stood on its hind legs resting it’s padded paw against my hand. I had never seen an animal as this anywhere nearby and I could tell it was injured. It kept one paw tightly guarded against its body and as it returned my stare, I could tell by its eyes that it meant me no harm. It seemed to plead quietly for my help and as I stood motionless without any effort to comfort it, I saw the animal sink slowly back to the ground, hugging the side of the decks foundation.

My heart cried out causing my mind to go into overdrive and thoughts of anger speared the beating muscle inside my chest screaming out that it was a bad idea to aid this creature. Maybe it would go away. The love of Gods creations joined in on the battle followed by me giving in to my heart and ignoring my mind.

Walking to and down the steps I soon was kneeling slowly beside this new arrival to my life and It watched me with knowing, trusting large brown eyes as my hands slid slowly under its body picking it up into my arms. As it lay against me I could feel its heart beating rapidly and its tongue hung to the side of its mouth as its head rested upon my shoulder.

Carrying this creature onto the deck and to the doors, my foot slid them open wide enough for me to enter without any further injury or discomfort toward it. Laying this animal upon my bed and with the aid of the overhead light I examined it’s leg and foot. Broken!

Must of been struck by a passing vehicle. No other visible injuries, so I didn't think it would suffer much more than it had and later at a decent hour, I would take it to a vet to let them deal with it. I then placed my bed sheet over it as though it was a child. Why? I just did. It seemed to welcome the comfort of the bed and closed its eyes.

Turning off the overhead light, I went to the kitchen and made coffee.

The coffee brewed as I dressed and I then settled into my recliner without another thought of anything, placing a steaming cup full of the alluring, wonderfully smelling brew on the table beside me. I yawned, my eyes closed and I found rest.
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Very nice!

thank you Sugar

aww... brought back so many memories of creatures coming into my life... Beautifully written Trace.. *smiles*

Smiles backatcha my beautiful friend