I just discovered that i love to write. Any tips for starting out? Thanks!
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Definitely write what interests you. If you read, take notes of good phrases or thoughts that occur to you. Always keep paper and pen nearby for inspiration can strike literally ANYWHERE. Good luck!

Write about what you know and what interests you. That's the best advice I can give you. The stories will come to you.


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I follow several authors and all of them say read when you can and set aside 30-40 mins a day to just sit and write. It doesn't have to be part of a story or. Anything at all just write so that you get in the habit of writing.

Read James Rollins! Amazing author! He takes a lot of science fact. Sprinkles in science fiction a dash of utter bullshit a lil romance and adventure and nitty gritty action and pours out an amzing book! He has only been at it about 12 years.

I see that most people here want to write about only feelings as human nature in a fictional setting. I prefer to write about things that have no strong ties to actual reality. Fiction always has more appeal toward young adult readers. It's a difficult and time consuming process to design your own world, but worth it in the end. Best of luck to you.

Start wz diaries as lots of ppl suggest

For non-fiction writing, find a subject that you like writing about and start writing on that subject with a goal of effectively communicating your point of view on that subject to an increasingly broad audience. My own personal favourite topic is the climate change issue.

For fiction writing, people love a sprinkling of little non-fiction details, such as truisms regarding human nature.

I wish you well in your writing, and if you pick non-fiction, I hope that you choose the climate change issue as a frequent topic of yours, since the climate change issue will be arguably the most important issue of the current millennium.

Write about anything. Have you ever seen the movie 'Finding Forrester?' Its a story about a young urban boy who stumbles across one of the long-lost authors of a few decades ago, that had shook up the literary world but then suddenly disappeared from sight and the public eye. This old man recognizes the boy's ability to write well and begins to help him hone his talent.
Yep, writing is an art, and it takes talent. It can be cultivated though. Most teachers and university curriculums will tell you to read a lot-the classics, etc. I never did that; I just don't have the patience or the attention span. I just tried to imitate/emulate the one(s) I wanted my phrases to sound like, and this is how far I've gotten up to this point. I'm not saying reading lots of pages is bad; I'm just saying there's another way to achieve the same goals, if you work at it.
Just write about what you like to talk about for starters. With writing fiction, you might pic a subject that is real, but then exaggerate the personalities of the characters, or the kind of story their in might be pretty impossible to ever really be. Decide what 'kind' of writer you want to be: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, etc. This will also influence your writing style a LOT.