Close your eyes if you will, while I paint you into a wheat field. In the middle of a wheat field you lay, merely a slumbering speck of dirt in an ocean of grain. You do not know where you are and you do not know when, but, on your skin, you feel a warm wind. It caresses your cheeks and tickles your chin. You smile as the smell of Spring settles in. You open your eyes to a ravishing day. It may be April. It could be May? The Sun is bright, the sky is blue, and there is no one else; here, there is only you. You stand up and take a look; it is just as a picture would be in a book. All around you, further than your eyes can see, wheat grows, and you are happily lost at sea. The greens, the yellows, and the blues create a golden haze; no one could ever find you in this magnificent maze. All day you have sat and admired this place, you imagine this must be how heaven would taste. Now, in your western sky the sun dances above the wheat, and soon the two will meet. As your eyes waltz across the sky, a question pops into your mind, and you do not understand why. So, you turn to a man who is standing there. You do not know where he came from, or when he arrived here. But, this question, with him, you must share. "Do you ever feel that we were meant for something more?" You say with a smile in your eyes, yet there is an ache in your heart. Your eyes search his face, but can only see a part. The sun whiting out all but the man's love filled grin, and you can't help but to feel that you have always known him. Your question he never answered, but the answer is deep within. So, you smile back contently thinking about what you said. Closing your eyes you wake-up in bed, and realize it was all in your head. And that, if you could imagine, is a dream that I dreamt. Though many I have had, this is the first to leave me felling both happy and sad.

-stormy wolfwood
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Aug 29, 2014