I need help ASAP okay so I'm writing a comic book :) but I want to know any good tips for coming up with your own hero and she's female btw and good ideas for writing ? How long are comic books ? And what kind of pens should I use to draw my character do I need those ink ones ? If so where can I get it and what's the price just all in all some advise it doesn't have to be what I asked for in here but anything useful would be appreciated thank you love you guys ❤️💕
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Three words- Giant Carrot ****.

For your supplies check with a good-quality art supply and craft store (Michael's comes to mind here). Tell the clerk what you need or want and if they don't normally carry it.maybe they can order it - or recommend somewhere you could go for these things. Maybe they have instruction folders or books on the technique(s) you wish for.

Give her a boyish name that makes everyone thinks she's a guy until they meet her, then are shocked it's a girl. And make her like Bourne and Batman, no super powers but everyone with super powers fears them

OMG yes yes yes that's exactlyy what I'm going for no powers just really fearful and I'm trying to still figure out sketches and stuff and like how to turn realistic stuff into marvel looking sketches

LOL I can't help you with the sketches, but I love helping authors develop and realizing stories

I'm trying to have this concept in my story of like allot of realism and stuff but like it's really sci fi based

Ooo. Sci-fi is hard. It's like fantasy. You have to create a very detailed world, with its own laws, governments, types of people and stuff. That'll be a hard comic to draw. It could be fun. You have netflix?

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