A dream - I send out an alarum to the fairest one in all the land, that land over there. Within seconds a sound as if coming from some blessed portion of an already blessed portion of the portion full union of blessedness, the words sung out - "Fail this not, be on thy guard, the sparrow comes to bewitch the wizard" So then with a duffel bag full of wine champagne, bread rolls and smelly cheese, go off into the clear blue and silver yonder, with the power of the elbows I shoot across the sky as if a bullet splashing out of the Johnson era. (2 minutes later) "Oh sweet vision divine, I have come many miles let us sup from the duff, and make ye merry knives of Kinsey blush, yes Blush ye silver utensils to deep dark red crimson, for this night bequeaths the inaugural rub a dub dub in the bubbly canyon."
Nest37 Nest37
36-40, M
Sep 1, 2014