I’m addicted to writing.


I have to admit it, it’s true.

I’ve found myself spending more and more time at the keyboard.

I’ve been enjoying it so much.

Somehow when my fingers are flying over the keys I feel as though a part of me is free….

I’ve found myself observing the world around me with an awareness that I haven’t had before, and carrying a notebook around with me wherever I go…jotting down sloppy notes and sketches. Writing has become more then words on a paper for me. It’s become a delicate art form. A sacred ritual. It’s become more real then life, and more vital then water. It’s what I think about and imagine myself doing.

It’s more then putting words down…it’s reliving the experiences.

I feel the wet sand beneath my feet, and the sun on my skin as I run free across the ocean shore, the waves crashing against my legs.

It’s the experience of being in the forest again and sensing the dampness of the spring air rising from the earth.

It’s about being young once again, and free as I pull flowers out of the ground and slowly drop their petals one by one on the ground….“He loves me, he loves me not…” all the while knowing that if I get to the last petal in time, my wish will come true….


I’m once again with a group of friends. Ten years old, and afraid of nothing. Nothing about life is bad and the only thing I have to worry about is finding a secret hideaway in the woods, or loosing a battle to a friend….

I’m addicted to memories, and dreams. I’m addicted to beauty and freedom.


I’m addicted to writing.


They say admittance is the first step to recovery, but they are wrong.

I will never recover.

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5 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I am like that, always have a notebook in hand. :)<br />
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But yes I know, I burn out too...sometimes I won't write for days, weeks. I've found inspiration comes and goes though. Music, quotes, new ideas, and things like that help me, but most of all real genuine inspiration is the thing that gets me back into writing mode. <br />
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I hope you get your inspiration back soon! I miss writing when I can't do it. :(

This is exactly how I was...until I hit writer's block. I miss it. I would take a little notebook to the beach, I would jot down lines on napkins in diners and restaurants. I would come up with new ideas for stories, poems, novels. But I gave it all up when I started law school. Even after I dropped out, I haven't been able to pick things up again. I think it has to do with my cynical mentality....I feel like, what's the point, no one will read it, I'll be too embarrassed to show it anyway, etc. <br />
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But now you've inspired me. So maybe I'll stop being so pessimistic ;-)

You can read more, just click on my profile and read the stories I have there. :D

Me too.

I would love to read those things you have written :)