I walked out in the world and dreamt I was a feather. A little white feather. Not perfect but small twisted and worn. Still beautiful. Delecate and soft like a fragile snowflake. The wind lifted me up in the sky.
The wind pushes me forward twisting and spinning. I get dizzy. I float for miles seeing beautiful things along the way. I see wolf family teachers running on crisp snow. I see rivers turn into lakes then seas then oceans. The water is like a mosaic of broken glass reflecting the sky and sun and moon and stars, but not me. The earth turns green, so green it hurts. Shades of green carved into intricate paterns.
I am worn. I finally begin to fall. I am not afraid. I rock back and forth on the air as I desend. I feel Peace for the first time when I see you and rest lightly on your on your hand.
RoseC67 RoseC67
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That's really quite sweet and evocative xx

Thanks so much!

very nicely depicted, I guess you have become feather while writing this... lovely imagination.

Thank you!

I appreciate the way you described the water when you look from top. While flying so many times I have seen from flight, your observation apt.

Thank you. I've never seen it for real. Just tv! Xxx

Thank you so much!

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Beautifully written and has such intimate meaning of a loved one always close by. Thank you :)

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I think people will draw didn't meanings. I know what you're saying to me.

Thanks Beautiful!

Welcome special lady x