Broken heart hangover
We can be the cure
If I let him go ; let go of her
We can't let go unless we're sure
For something that can dislocate
Something cold to numb the ache
Something to be our next mistake
Something like love lying in wait
Satans got his eyes on me
With marked intent , selfishly
The cross I wear , won't save me
Your skin on mine is all need
Not just love, we're hungry for flesh
Your soul is starving for me
I digress
My lips close the wounds of your emptiness
Pressed to your chest we're a beautiful mess
No one else could reach these heights
Fight the darkness finding the light
We've searched for each other in everyone's eyes
Each time left unsatisfied
Written on walls where no one goes
Is the story unfolding the tale of our souls
Let go slowly , don't leave me alone
In this life we are lovers , the next we are ghosts ..

-Copyright Poetic Angel / Angelofthesilencess 2014
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4 Responses Nov 14, 2014

Especially feeling this now. Great writing. I always enjoy reading your post. They come through from your thoughts to the readers heart.

Yup; writing doesn't get any more perfect than this. So no more! What's next humanity?

Does that mean we're Shamy?
AMY: What's that?
SHELDON: A childish amalgamation of our first names, Sheldon & Amy; Shamy.
AMY: Oh. *looks at Penny* I don't like that. Don't do that.

I still don't know how I feel. I didn't expect them to remain static characters, anyway. Howard, Leonard, and hell even Raj are all dynamic.
Speaking of change, how do you think they're going to handle Howard's mother since the actress that played her died? She'll have to not be in the show anymore, right? It would make sense. Plus at some point in the series I'm sure his mother would have died anyway.

DEBBIE: Who's there?! Is it a sex criminal?!
HOWARD: Sex criminals don't have keys, ma!!!

Hmm, I don't remember that.
You probably never watched the show, but Seinfeld fans will remember Howard's mother as the daughter of the unemployment agency worker that George had to go out with if he wanted to keep collecting unemployment checks.

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I love it.