Try to define this hole in my chest
Like the cage on my heart
Beneath my breast
Piercing my ribs with every breath
I'm left and dead set on what I regret
You deny my pain like I'll suffer less
Drive me insane and tore off my dress
To spill the words I couldn't say
They dance on my tongue
Like birds of prey
Taste ash in my throat as my words die away
The haze it turns grey and I miss you this way
I showed you my soul I exposed it to you
I suppose I should've known what I was getting into
This is the coldest unknown I've ever been through
You left me alone on my own to go through
Danger zone broken bones echo déjà vu
Lost like a child I'm still screaming for you
You've been gone for awhile I'm still bleeding for you
A thousand miles and I crossed them for you
To look in your eyes and break me in two ..

Copyright Poetic Angel /Angelofthesilencess 2014
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7 Responses Nov 24, 2014

Gosh, extremely moving and reaches my soul. I especially feel your words when you said "this is the coldest unknown I've ever been through, you left me alone on my own to go through..."
I imagine your writing is very personal from the intensity of this piece and others of yours I've read. Hang in there. We are never alone.

I relate to your heartbroken poems.

Yeah..I feel very sorry. I've been betrayed and dumped for several times by her and I took her back because I love her. You seem to be an intelligent person.

I can't approve your looks cause I don't know how you look. You have a picture of a beautiful person (it seems so) on a cross but is that really you?

Hahah okay<3


Did I say last time that writing can't get anymore perfect? Hmm... I lie a lot. I think I identified with every part of this.
Except for the dress part...

You're welcome, m'lady. *curtsies* Aw crap...

Beautiful :)

damn!! its wow....just amazing

Captivating and very beautiful.

I would love to...