I wish I could write my way under your skin
Using words to seduce my way in
Into your lungs
On the tip of your tongue
Into your blood
Collecting dust
On the shelves of your soul
Where no one else goes
I wish I could find
The way into your mind
You remind me of that perfect line
When the ocean meets the sky
Something infinite I can't define
I couldn't reach it if I tried..

Copyright - Poetic Angel /Angelofthesilencess
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5 Responses Dec 11, 2014

That is so brilliantly crazy that you can craft such concrete diamond prose in rhyme! That is hard. And yet you make it look effortless and I dance wit your words across the page .....

It is. Who are you?!?! If I could spend a day in that gorgeous mind of yours where all these words live ....I'd be the true king of scribes

Here's a poem I think that echoes this one IMHO http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Crave-Physical-Intimacy/4916444

Oh and like one of the only poems I have ever rhymed 😃

geetin there quick

I smiled the whole time I read this, and the second time I read it, and the third...
So brief yet so voluminous. Maybe another typewritten passage for you?

Amazing lines

This is amazing. The imagery is perfect.