My new book The Manalapan Connection is live on Kindle and soon to be on Nook. Both of these systems have apps downloadable for most devices (PC, tablet, and phone)
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I loved the story and especially the playfulness of Eva and David.

Congratulations dear friend... I know how hard you have worked towards this goal... I wish you only the best!

Thank you sincerely.

I will look for it!

Sounds interesting, I'll have a look and a read : )

Congrats to you!

Oh and congratulations hope it sells well

EP Allie would let me put this in the main part so here is the description.

This book is as much about relationships as it is about solving murders. The twenty year marriage of David and Eva mixed with the multiple divorces of Jack demonstrated they could work together in spite of personal difference for a common goal.

David and Jack had been partners for twelve years on the police force. They understood each other and reacted to things very much the same way. They ate together most of the time and they both knew they could count on each other to be there when needed. As far as police work went their thinking was very much the same.
Private lives were something completely different. David had been married in a stable relationship for twenty years while Jack was still stuck in the cop cliché with three divorces. They spent a lot of private time together and were good friends outside of work. David’s wife Eva had adopted Jack as her “brother” and helped to keep things working.
Their community wasn’t noted for being a murder haven; in fact murders were rare here in this affluent community as was hookers and strippers. At least that was what the community thought.

Sounds good LG ... Will seek it out