You don't want me ..
The road to my heart is busted glass
A spinning compass
A shredded map
Your fingertips across my lips
You'd get
Tiny little slivers
Piercing skin
With the shards left from words
That I spoke in reverse
Mixed anger with hurt
And you tasted it first
Open my mouth and the devil comes out
My viperous tongue sells me out

I kept testing my place
and tempting my fate
I refuse to go quietly back in my place

I got lost long ago on some back empty road
Cold and alone while I searched for my soul
Scattered glass that just smashed every inch of the path
I can't give it back its all I'll ever have
You don't want me
I'm obsessed with regret , waging wars in my head
Pulling apart every word that you've said
Wanting to need this , exposing your weakness
I'd fall on my knees and beg your forgiveness
If you could only be half the man I needed

🎶✌️ Copyright Poetic Angel - Angelofthesilencess 2014
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2 Responses Dec 23, 2014

Damnnnn girl you can write. This is exquisite. More please

This is amazing.