Real Life Or Fiction

Does anyone else here daydream about a story they are writing?  I find myself so involved in something I am working on, that I literally walk around with my head in the clouds all day at work, and I can barely wait for the weekend when I can park it in front of my computer and type type away!  Or have you ever had a bad day, or week, or hey, even month, and find yourself getting comfort in your storyline, and almost feeling like you are part of that story?  I hope this doesnt sound too off the write back and help me feel somewhat normal, Ha Ha! :)
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This is me

Well my stories are usually short lol but when i am writing them i am totally immersed in them sometimes even putting myself in the place of the character(s)...ur perfectly normal no worries...

its real easy to be consumed by what your doing especially when its part of the creative process in fact i feel the same way im at work doing what i have to but its not what id rather do and im thinking about being here in front of the computer doing what id LIKE to do same think i think! im still that ten year old that wants to play, without all that goes with it, if u know what i mean?> leebcom

I feel the same way too, daydreaming while at work, about writing. But when I try to get down to write, I often stare at a blank screen :) I hope one day I can make writing my real job!

Thats nice you are able to have a little income for now tho. I was just thinking the same thing today at work. I feel like Ive been on such a creative roll the last couple of days that I dont want to have work interrupt that. LOL! How nice it will be someday when we are able to get up in the morning and go right to the desk to begin our 'job'! I have high hopes for all of us! It will happen :)

I do do that! ( I said do do, ha ha) Its easier to come up with dialog. I like to study people also, anyone else do this? then I will use how they walk, or move their arms or smile or whatever, in my story. Glad to see Im not the only one :)

You really aren't the only one..strange as it might sound (but we're writers, we adore the strange!) At times when I don't know where to go with the story I play it in my mind, being one of the characters, feeling what they feel and saying what they say. Basically, if this is confusing, I play make believe with my stories, and sometimes I'll test out a new idea in my head before I develop it in a story..just to make sure it'll work. Do you do this?

Thanks for the nice comments...that makes me feel a lot better!

That would be the behaviour of a very effective author, I would say.