To you I am invisible
Even though I'm beautiful
Even though my souls for sale
My dark skin slowly going pale
The rush of my blood going stale
I can rise like a Phoenix
From ashes to freedom
A goddess like Venus
But you'll never see this
I am merely a formality
Abstract from your reality
And I wait ,down on my knees
Looking up you still don't see
On this alter offering myself up
Like I never have to someone else
Silence becomes a wound in itself
Waiting on this empty shelf
My bones were made for you to break
So was my heart ,so make me ache
Unreachable and you feel like fate
Let me be your greatest mistake
While I fall from grace
Just to touch your face
You're the line I trace
So make me
Ache ..

Copyright Poetic Angel / Angelofthesilencess 2015 🎶
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2015

Interesting avatar. Is it original to you?

Amazing. Crazy you can craft this in such solid lyrical prose. 90% of the rhyming poetry is poorly written and painfully cheesy. Well done. A fan