Pass the emotion of sin so I can indulge,
The desire of what man calls lust,
Just one touch,
One drink,
One smoke,
I long for it all,
The whispers calling me fed up with the pain,
No one can insulate my desires because I strive for the most,
Call me sick but that I am not,
Ill I am diseased infected by this thing we call life,
Cure me,
Save me,
Prolong my suffering so I can touch you once more time,
This day we live you and I,
Forever we'll be infinite!!!
--JOIN ME!!!
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2 Responses Feb 28, 2015

This is beautiful. :)

Did u write that ummmm

It's good .. Didn't expect u too be so good :p

Never been good to me

;( no

Hahahah aha :p

Lol u look cute

I mean that emo haaaa

Haaaaa... :)

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