Stories I wish I could write. I want to write. But, I'm so... Lazy. And it takes time, effort. Focus. Thought. Pouring my feelings.

When I write. I put myself in the characters position. What would I do? It's complicated. But I just love picturing the scenes. It's hard putting it on paper and sharing what I imagine. I give up after awhile.

My stories aren't well written but. That's the fun part.

Things I want to write.

Being a Queen to a man that is well known across the lands. How he's powerful. Cheats. How it's like to be the mother of his children.

Forbidden relationship with a teacher. Now this is more from experience. (No I've never been with a teacher.) A student who ends up having a relationship with her teacher. They end up being caught but nothing happens. They marry but ends up divorcing.

Living a life as a slave back in ancient to some country. Could be Egypt, Rome maybe China. I like to connect some of stories to historical events.

Stranded on an island with a stranger. I end up being with that stranger. We build a life here.

Endless thoughts. Can't bother to write some of them down. Some too inappropriate. Some lame some interesting. The hard thing about them. Is that they're just ideas and thoughts. Writing them.....
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7 Responses Mar 10, 2016

If you've never suffered because of you're writing, then you are no writer.

maybe you experience writers block. try some methods that help overcome writers block.

I know what you mean. When I was your age I wanted to write Sci-Fi. I actually started a book but never came close to finishing. Writing is hard and takes time. Wanting to write is easy and it seems easy until I try to do it

Just let it flow, I work as an actor as well and I understand how hard it is you never think it's good enough but to be honest there's so much being written and made into films and such that have some very far fetched plots anything is possible you can still have a lot of emotion and feeling and everything you want in it, personally I think that if you mesh every idea into one it would be a really good read

Why not create a book that has every idea in it, could be about someone who starts there life as a male slave in ancient Egypt and does something against the gods and becomes cursed to live forever and goes through all the ideas that you have and halfway changes sex to become a woman

Just write the damn book!

I have precisely the exact, identical issue in the most accurate way possible!

My apathy is a cursed blessing or perhaps a blessed curse, although I can think of a potential solution for the two of us...hmm?

that is so me

extrovertedintrovert...paradoxical pleasure haha nice one