My idea of perfect is with you. A cabin somewhere, or a top floor apartment. No shutters, and curtains flapping in the breeze of the open window. Moonlight filtering through between the clouds, streaking across the bed, sheets still tangled between us. Id lie awake, on my back and turn my head and there youd be, soundly sleeping, your hand stretched toward me. The pillow would caress my hair, and the mattress cradle me the way you did hours before. The room would still smell of our love, and the scent would never fade from my fantasies. Youd stir and Id smile, stretching. Still half the night awaits us. Thats my idea of perfect.
AnxiouslyAwaited AnxiouslyAwaited
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hope you overlay reality with the picture in your mind someday, and it is even better than you imagined.

But we've never even met?!?!?

What can I say, am ****.

Yeah but one who's really good with words, so it's fine.

thanks man, that means a lot, I appreciate that.

Few apostrophes missing, but I'll let that go as the words themselves are so nice lol

lord I dont even wanna know where youd put those "missing" apostrophes ahaha

Do you think you're a **** then?

nah man, its not dedicated to whoever reads it


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