Many sleepless nights I have spent ..I just couldn't sleep mind flew to unknown land eager to create dreams..then came "you" from the caverns of my creative mind..
I cuddled you with the arms of my soul,loved you with the deepest feeling of my heart,caressed your soul unconditionally..
I composed songs of beautiful tunes,wrote poetries filled with love and my deepest chamber we grew up together made me feel for you I belong..
Dreams were born,life sparkled with colours bright..your essence gave me strength to rebuild ...
Everytime I thought of you,
You made me feel alive and grow...
You became my Soulmate,my Air to breathe...
In your love I lost myself so much that I forgot to give you a face and a heart to beat only for me..
Now every night when I caress you with my words I repent how could I miss to paint you in colors of reality..
winterfall winterfall
Mar 23, 2016