Just so you know, my entire education was done in French. Yeah, we used Spanish at home because that was my parents' rule, but otherwise, it was all written in French at school.

During my first year in middle school, I realised that I was way behind my classmates during the English lessons. I didn't know how to write or give an oral self introduction presentation and my English teacher really kicked my butt to catch up to the rest of my classmates.

Learning at school was hard. Very hard. So I started watching cartoons in English. It was hard to understand or catch the English idioms, but as time went passing, my English got better. I took a French-Eng dictionary and from page one until the last, I read every word and its meaning.

Once I had a better grip of the written English, I started writing one-shot stories then published them on Fanfiction.

I received positive reviews and that was it, I fell in love with the language. I spent hours writing and writing and writing!! It all started in 2011 and to this day, I'm still writing. I have some great process!! I have read my old 2011's stories and heck that my eyes bleed when I see all the mistakes and the bad English I had. But it's a good reminder of my work.. :)

Writing has helped me improve my English. A lot! A lot more than sitting in class listening to a teacher...

I have still got work to do about my English, but so far, I'm glad that people can read me and understand me!! :D
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