Growing up, I read many fairytales. That may be the reason I believe in magic and happy endings and fate. But it fueled my imagination and inspired me to write. I started out writing these little stories. It was kinda cute. I'd cut up paper into little rectangles, take several and staple them, and make mini books. Once I did that, I would write mini stories and my dreams into them. In elementary school I spent a lot of time alone, and writing was all I had. It was all I had to express my thoughts and my feelings. I would write stories, songs, poems, inspirational speeches, anything. Up until the present, I've continued writing and it continues to be my passion. I hope to be a writer when I grow up because it's the only think I've stuck with for so long, and I honestly love writing.
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Stick with it and don't let anyone discourage you.... but will have to learn how to schedule it into your every day schedule so as not to ignore life itself. Write and keep writing, it's what writers do. Also read everything you can ... that's where you learn how to write. Enjoy the world of writng ... I do!