Rules Of Writing Verses The Heart

  :-) You would love to hate me for my writing skills. An unfortunate issue to past brain trauma. I once was very talented in my election of discriptives to entice others to view within my minds eye. Now my spelling and punctuation turn many hard core enthusiast off. For those who see past that which is more a rules of grammar and not of the heart. I sometimes surprise yet still with my wisdom or shear emotions of what my mind, heart and spirit have to offer..
   I have also learned that when the internet is involved that people of all standards and walks of life do not have the same expectations of themselves or others. I noticed when they drop expectations of the rules and pull up expectations of the heartfelt gestures and knowledge that lay behind the words. They often find jewels of compassionate, worthy, and enlightened thoughts of another they would not have seen in their previous mind set of judgement.

   I once was one to be blind because I judged based on written skill. Now with having to be reborn out of the ashes I found a way to look past it. Truly I'm sure, do to the very fact that I now lay on the other side of the rules of the language do to unfortunate circumstances. Yet, not in shame or in despisement of what has happened to me do I write this. Rather, I'm happy that now what my mind has lost my heart has gained. Now I seem to enjoy all writings brought forth in heartfelt, compassionate and honest admittance to my eyes.    I thank all of you who share your hearts, spirits, and minds with me. I cherish every word, perfect or not.
rescue3 rescue3
31-35, M
Feb 7, 2010