This Will Go With My New Moon/twilight Stuff From Earlier.

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This story I wrote awhile back, just updated it more, and revised it. I realized it goes well with my other story, so yeah, I'll probably try and add it in somewhere. :) Hope you like it. *hearts*


The moon is my greatest fear. I live my life as a normal person, hiding a great secret from everyone. No one knows of the transformation I undergo on full mooned nights. It is a great burden I worry about constantly since I have no cure for this curse I possess. Unfortunately, tonight is one of those nights where I will change into a werewolf.

            My heart beating fast, I’m racing against time, looking for a secluded place where I can hide and have privacy. Soon, the full moon will show and I will become untamed and out of control. I’m out of breath, and I’m shaking uncontrollably. Hopefully, this time, I will be far enough away from civilization to not cause any harm. Deep in these dark woods, I hear other animals, and I’m scared. I’m not scared of those animals, but I am scared of what I will soon become. I sit, pull my knees against my chest, and wait for the worst. Out in the distance, I hear voices, and I begin to cry. “Go away;” I whisper to myself, “don’t put yourselves in danger. Just go away.”  I begin to fear for them and start running in the opposite direction of their voices. As I’m running, I notice the full moon beginning to shine in the night sky, and I try to run faster and farther away. But I cannot run away from what is inevitable, and I begin my painful transformation. Muscles growing, limbs extending, claws and teeth sharpening; I am becoming something entirely different from who I am.

            Aware of everything around me, the hairs all over my body stand straight up. Breathing in, I smell everything: dirt, trees, animals, and a slight trace of human. I begin to drool and pant knowing of the feast I was about to have. Rising my head into the air, I let out a howl, one so loud it could be heard for miles. Taking a quick breath, I realized  the slight trace of human was fading. Taking off, I chase the few bits of scent I could find; I would not lose them. Weaving through the trees, I ran. The scent I could barely smell minutes before was becoming stronger; it was as if I already had them in my grasp.  Claws digging into the dirt, I was picking up speed; they were so close. I notice the scent has split into two different paths, so I slow my pace. Inhaling, I follow the one that is the strongest, yet when I come to my destination, there is nothing. Sniffing the ground, I see why I was fooled. The humans, in haste and fear, left everything behind in their camp and must have left when I howled. ‘Fool!’ I thought to myself, ‘You let them get away.’ Hoping to get at least something for dinner, I inhaled once again; more deeply this time and I had nothing; the scent was gone. Panicking, I sprinted in every direction and sniffed. Finally, I found it. I snagged the scent I was looking for and bolted in that direction.  Just by using my sense of smell, I could tell this time I had them. Using vision was not necessary for me, but by using my eyes, I confirmed what my nose had told me: there was the human right in front of me, running for his life. He was clumsy, tripping over roots and vines because of his panic. ‘Typical human;’ I think, ‘this is going to be easy.’ Sensing me behind him, he yells and tries to run faster to no avail. Leaping into the air, with him in sight, I pounce on him. He’s mine.

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Feb 8, 2010