I ♥ To Write

From the moment I could read, I’ve been caught up in the worlds opened up to me by books. But I think my addiction to story must go earlier than that, because my mother likes to talk about taking me to see Bambi when I was three. For weeks afterward, my invisible friend Bambi went everywhere with me. Stories fire my imagination and, for a little while, let me live in that world, instead of this—often boring—one. In the world of story, ANYTHING can happen. Which is why I write. I still have invisible friends. No, really. TIME magazine quoted researchers who discovered that fiction writers’ relationships with their characters is virtually identical with a child’s relationship with his invisible friends. We know they’re not real. Honest. We do know. But we still have no control over them. They go off and do stuff just because they want to, and we have no way to stop them. Back to the topic. I don’t write just because I get to hang out with invisible friends. I write because I get to tell stories. And in those stories, ANYTHING can happen. Dragons are real. Soul mates can find their destiny. People can recover from tragedy. Even all of the above. And, despite the fact that characters can go their own way, I can still tell the story I want to tell. (The characters usually know better than I do.) ^-^

Also, writing helps me relieve stress. I've never been able to really express/talk about my emotions so they mostly come out as anger or depression. But theres just something special about getting untouchable, fragile feelings onto paper. It calms me. Writing, to me, is my link to sanity, pretty much..

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1 Response Feb 18, 2010

I agree entirely, and I simply adore how you phrased everything. Funny how it can be hard to describe things in words when it is all about wording things correctly.