How Can You Not...

It's the only way to lose yourself in the world. To quote the author that inspired me to try to write, "I discovered I was a writer"; it is not something you can control, it simply takes hold and I would burst if I did not put words to it. When I have a question or a problem, I can just place it on paper. It may not be good, it may not be anything anyone wants to read, but it is there. It is a physical record of my existence, of what I want in life, and, most importantly, it is something I do for fun.

But what's magical about it? It when you sit, and meet a character. And you sort of set them on a journey. Maybe it's to find someone or to tell their own story, or to go on an adventure, be it fantasy or realistic, but then, as you sit there, and put a few words down, suddenly they begin to say it for you. You are no longer the one with the words; it is theirs, and they are the ones in control. Even when their words need a tad bit of editing, they are real, to you, in your world, and that is what keeps your pen or pencil on the paper and your fingers to the keyboard. It's just so fun, especially to see them interact with each other, and sometimes, they entirely change genders or looks or friends or lovers, but it is always them, and you get them just right.

I just hope someday someone can be amused by the little scribbles, because getting a smile out of it would be the best reward.

moonymuse moonymuse
2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Haha thanks to both of you. It's nice to hear that from other people. A few of my friends write but not quite to the depth that I am used to, I guess you could say. It's nice to hear other people feel the same way! Thanks again!

well in that case let me smile for u=) it is true what u say about writing. suddenly its not your words but something from the depths of you that come out in a character, the best and most wonderous parts of us... is when were writing.