Writing When I Was Depressed.

I reminisce a lot; it's what I do. I tend to linger on problems, hold on to grudges, and though it may not be good for me, it makes my writing better. I found something I wrote when I was in a really bad depression not too long ago. Just about friends and family  and people leaving and abandoning me.


i sit back and wait.

and watch it all unravel.

they will soon know i was right.

yeah, girl, i'm telling you now.

don't get too close. sever ties.

you will know how i've felt.

it's just a matter of time.

before betrayal hits you too.

it's beginning to happen.

don't you see it?

clouded vision will soon block out everyone else.

there'll be only one important person.

you'll see, girl, and it won't be you.

you should've listened when i told you.

when i cautioned you.

sever ties when it's all just fun and games.

don't get too close. or you'll lose it all.

please disregard emotions.

they block out your common sense.

they lie to you.

telling you things that aren't true.

puppy love is nothing. it's not real love.

you'll soon find out.

it's lying to you. sucking you in.

making you believe things that aren't really there.

that chemistry you have now will fizzle.

watch it die. i will.

i say to it, 'prove me right'.

if ever there were lovers,

she would not be a part of the definition.

if ever there were true love,

she would not be able to obtain it.

if ever there were a best friend,

she would not have a permanent one.

it was always her, not anyone else.

she leaves; deserts; abandons.

typical; don't befriend someone so needy.

the needs far surpass what you're able to provide.

so save yourself the pain, the drama.

don't have friends at all.

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Ohhh yes, yes, it is. :P

I can relate to that poem and have learned what to look for before I befriend someone. It hurts when you lose someone you thought was a friend but just remember KARMA is a wonderful thing.