It Helps Me Think.

I write a lot. Most of what I write is just rambling or fictionalizing things in my life so I can pretend like I'm looking in from the outside. It helps me emotionally detach myself from the situation so I can think things through rationally, rather than impulsively jump to conclusions. Very little of what I write is actually ever read by other people because it mostly ends up in the trash or is posted on my "secret" livejournal blog that has a readership of 0. I've had to write some stories for Creative Writing classes or whatever for school, but other than that, all my stories haven't been read by anyone since I was like 10. I have my 8th-grade Trapperkeeper full of the short stories I've liked enough to keep, but as far as I know, no one knows about it. And I want to keep it that way. I'm really self-conscious about them, worried that someone's going to laugh at them or tell me to grow up or whatever, so I keep them private. Maybe someday I'll try submitting a story or two to some website or short story competition or publisher.

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pfffft....trouble.....Trouble's overrated :P<br />
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I only like sharing my funny stuff. The other stuff would probably cause lots of problems for me.

I do the exact same thing, only I force people to read it because I enjoy entertaining people and since I was young I was told I was good at it. It's also gotten me in a great deal of trouble over the years.

I wasn't being completely honest when I said "I'd like to keep it that way." I am really self-conscious about what I write, but if someone happens to find a story or something I wrote, I don't mind if they read it. I'm just not ready to start handing my stuff out to people and saying "here, read this. Tell me what you think."

Never keep your work to your self.... Dont be selfish!<br />
Expose yourself, be open to others....<br />
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I used to be the same way.... until one day, I said F* it.... started letting people read my writings and ever since then, just kept going. I never had an interest in getting my stuff published, but I do enjoy writing. I find my self writing just to write. I wrote business proposals, resumes, term papers, research papers....etc....<br />
Dont be shy.....