Should I Be Writing...?

I have a question that's been bothering me and I'd like to know how others feel about this.

I am currently writing a novel. It's not going as smoothly as it was in the beginning but it's slowly coming along. I also write some poetry when I feel creative. Other than that, I do a lot of journal writing and blogging and sharing stories here on EP, etc.

Here's the thing, everyone knows to become a writer, you need to write. Obviously, practice makes perfect, so if you want to perfect your writing - PRACTICE! I've read articles from novelists and other writers all saying that one should write everyday, that's where my question comes in...

When it says to practice writing everyday, does that mean everyday I should be working on my novel or adding a poem to my collection? Or can I practice my writing other ways too, would that count? Some days I don't feel at the top of my game to write a few more pages and I don't want to write a bunch of nonsense if I'll just have to rewrite it all again later. So, usually I just go write a blog or journal entry on these days. I'm still writing each and every day - just not exactly on my novel or poetry.

Thing is, I feel like I am almost failing myself as a writer because I'm not dedicating my every day to this novel. I know I can write and I know I will be a novelist one day. I'm just trying to make it out of this depression and it's hard to feel up to anything. Not too mention I'm at a tough part of my novel.

Is it okay that I don't work at it everyday and that I'm doing other forms of writing? I try to tell myself that I'm still young and I'm demanding too much of myself but I still feel like I should be more dedicated. What do you suggest?

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Good words come easy ... the best jus kinda erupt an explode outta you.<br />
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You're on track thinkin 'forcin' it ain' worthwhile - it has to be able to stand on it's own an exist. You won' allays be there to hold its hand.<br />
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But I think stories are kinda like friendships, CG ... you can' ignore them for months or years an then expect em to be all happy an enthused when you finally decide to drop by.<br />
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Make any sense? <br />
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(I was over at one of your other groups lmao before I read this one) 8)

Yes, I was much the same way. I discovered my novel idea about a year ago too and I even created characters and outlined the chapters but I just didn't know where to start writing. I wanted to wait till I had more time to dedicate to writing every day. But I started anyway and I'm glad I had. <br />
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When I was writing the novel I was writing it by chapters, never beginning another till the one I was working on was done. I did start with chapters 4 - 6 then went back and wrote 1 - 3 then continued 7 - 9, if that would count as 'skipping from one part to another'. I'd mostly write linear but sometimes I'd jump back to a part when I just thought of something to add or fix. <br />
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When I rewrite my novel though, I have decided that I am going to write out each of the main events. Then I'll arrange them in order, fill in the gaps and chop the whole thing into chapters.

i'm in exactly the same position as you. i'm also trying to write a novel, which i started just over a year ago. the opening pages kept going over and over in my head but i just didn't think i had the ability to actually do anything with the words. in the end i took the plunge and so far it seems to be going ok.<br />
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however, i can't seem to make myself sit and write it every day. at first i consoled myself with diversionary tactics. i made detailed notes about the central characters. i plotted out a time-line. i researched relevant, and not so relevant, information. i wrote short essays on some of the themes i want to discuss in the novel.<br />
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bottom line, all of this is practice and, may be usable in the final work.<br />
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are you writing your novel in a linear way ie each page following the next, or do you find yourself skipping from one part to another and then back again?

You think? I really just want to be good. No, not good. I want to be great. I want to be the best. I don't think Stephen King or Maya Angelou got where they are by procrastinating. The only thing I want is to be successful at my dreams. That takes time and determination. But still, I will try to ease up on myself. I just hope when I move my stess level will decrease and I will have a clearer mind for writing. Yeah, hopefully.

Okay, thank you, I appreciate your feedback to my question. You're right. I feel a lot better now. : ]<br />
And I used to think I wasn't that great at writing dialogue either, simply because I'm a quiet, reserved person and am not that social. But I've realized that I can write dialogue quite well when I feel strongly about the scene I'm writing. It's the unimportant chit chat dialogue that I fail at.