Verbal Abuse

i feel that women are totally the properties of men , men can abuse them use them and humiliate them however they feel like. i fantasize that a women should not have the right to deny any men's sexual advances, they should just follow their orders like a pet if any women denies a man's sexual advances she should be severely punished.
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6 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I really agreed with ur sayings...
So complete my desires of hot kissing, 69, erotic massage n sucking....come on babe

Hi, I find it difficult to be nasty to women. But, if it is a sex slave then that is different. it will be fun to have you as one and enjoy you. I agree that women should make their men happy and be available for them.

If anyone ever said that in court they'd go to jail for 1000 years, ha. Although it would be nice but ******* *****, it's all the same to a point.

hi please put comets on my alubm be as mean as u can to me ***** wife

I cant abuse women or girl... I m for love n warm feelings... Slavry went with english ppl... :)..

but if you're enjoying's a fetish, not abuse