He's on the TV now "Song's about me" and OMG he's just a hubba hubba. Of course I am a little frightened about how much he looks and reminds me of my father from my childhood, ya know, before he aged a bit...  I guess we're supposed to be drawn back to our father types but EEWWW the thought is just creepy.

So back to Toby... did I mention hubba hubba! Tall, deep voice, good ole boy! *heavy sigh*

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4 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I cannot like Toby Keith after the Dixie Chicks saga. Watch the documentary "Shut up and Sing".

Yes. Toby Keith's bar & grill. Nice place.....

IVFP I officially dub you DOUBLG GOOBER DORK! <br />
<br />
Chris ~ Didn't know he had one? Gonna have to google that :)

We have one of his bar & grills here. Really good food...