Let Me Be Your Escape (part 40) Will Update

Part 40 - Never Change

Hours must have gone by before I awoke, finding myself lying next to Toby, who was happily still dozing in a deep sleep. Both of us were resting on top of the couch, which was in the living room of my parent's house. Quietly stretching, I turned my head so that I was looking at Toby's face.

The dark circles beneath his lower eye lids had lightened up since the first time that I'd ever seen him sleeping. His hair, which I was slowly coming to terms with, was as much of an unruly mess as it'd been on day one. But as disarrayed as it was, I didn't want it to be changed about him. The light from the moon lit the room a small bit, and with it, I silently began to count the freckles that ran across the bridge of his nose. I couldn't help but to grin when I noticed, that even in the midst of dreaming, a smile still held its place upon his lips.

So much had happened between the two of us in so short amount of time. Yet nothing seemed to be rushed. Everything felt right, and almost destined. Like no matter what either of us did, we'd still end up together.

Standing up, I slowly made my way to my own bedroom, after all, my parents wouldn't find it unusual if they found Toby sleeping on the couch...but if I remained with him all the way until morning, they would likely begin to suspect there being something more between Toby and I than just a friendship.

I wouldn't mind them knowing the truth about us dating, if I didn't think they wouldn't freak out, and become their usual overbearing selves...but I knew that would be exactly what would happen.

In my room, I found Tabby sleeping soundly at the foot of my bed, her head tucked underneath one of her tiny paws. Her tail, acting like a pillow, rested under her head.

Moving as carefully as I could manage, I made my way over to my bed, and laid down on it, not even bothering to pull the sheets back, and instantly fell asleep.

"Brixta? Wakey, wakey." Toby's voice was directly in my right ear, and as he spoke, I could also feel him gently stroking my hair away from my face. "Come on, Brixta, the sun is out, the birds are chirping...well simply, it's early, and I'm bored." Imagining him right then, I could see him wearing a grin that nearly spread from one of his ears to the other.

Mumbling, my words sounding as though they were running into each other, I kept my eyes closed tightly.

Another minute passed before I heard his voice again, "Oh and your parents are out, so I have no one to talk to. Not to mention it's a required law in all fifty-one states for me to be in the company of a responsible adult at all hours of the day. So wake up! Wake up!" Resorting to drastic measures, Toby then decided to begin to tickle me, hoping that it would be enough to bring me out of my sleepy reverie.

As soon as his fingers began to gently scuttle over my shoulders, and lower back, I couldn't help but to laugh. Since I'd been a little kid, I'd always been extremely ticklish, something that I had prayed Toby would never have discovered.

Yet when had I ever been that lucky?

As he began to laugh along with me, but for a completely different reason, I quickly caved in, my eyes snapping open. My hands fighting to push away his to stop the tickling, I breathlessly pleaded, "All right! All right, I'm up! Could..." I laughed again, as a fresh wave of tickling began, "Toby...could you stop that now?" My eyes fell on his face, and I had been right, he was indeed wearing an impish grin that made him take on the appearance of somehow being a very tall child. Though as soon as I began to look at him, he threw his head back and laughed boisterously, his eyes shining bright with excitement. "Morning." I whispered, my breath finally caught, and my mind running at its normal speed.

Fondly, the tip of one of his thumbs stroked against my cheek, "Morning. Sorry that I woke you up, but it's like I said, I'm bored out of my mind..."

"Aren't you still sleepy from the jet lag?" I asked as I stretched out on my bed, my eyes never leaving Toby's face.

He shook his head, and whispered, "Nah, I travel quite a bit, so I've kinda gotten used to it."

"That makes one of us...and only one of us..." Shifting my gaze over to the single window that was in my room, I saw that it had to have been at least ten in the morning. "How long have I been asleep?"

"Well I think we both went to sleep at nine last night...so around twelve hours."

As I continued to look out of the window, I ventured to ask, "When did you wake up?"

Quietly laughing, Toby said, "Not too long actually I got up maybe fifteen minutes before I came in here." He fell silent for the slightest portion of a second, then happily asked a question of his own, "So what'd you like to do today? You can decide, seeing as I have no clue where anything would be in this city. I probably couldn't even find the airport, and we were just there yesterday."

It was my turn to laugh, "That's right, BUSCUS, you on my turf now."

His impish grin resurfaced, once more, it was directed towards me. Then quicker than I could react, he gently took hold of my wrists with his hands, pinning them down to the bed above my head, "So, shall I win it back then?" Gleefully he winked at me, and bent forward, pressing his lips to mine. A gnawing ferocity growing within the kiss. A renewed intensity.

I was his prisoner captured within his ensnaring and enthusiastic passion. Though I couldn't help but to think that if I were to be any one's captive, I would gladly give in to any punishment that Toby could ever dream of dealing out. But almost as soon as it began, I regained my freedom. Quizzically I looked at his face, and as he laughed quietly I asked, "You okay?"

"Yup! That was just my way of motivating you to get up and get changed...then go out somewhere. Like I said, I'm..."

Before he could finish his sentence, I interrupted and said, "Bored?"

Unperturbed, he smiled, nodding his head silently.

"Okay, well I'll be ready in a few minutes, go wait for me in the living room." I sat up, and swung my feet over the edge of the bed, standing up as soon as they hit the floor. My eyes staying focused on Toby's face, the exuberant expression that he seemed to always have.

It was just so easy to please the inner child that would forever living within his mind.

Without a word, he left the room, shutting the door behind him as he went. Hearing the click of the lock catching inside of the latch, I hurried to my closet. There I found the clothes that I had been forced to leave behind when I left for Los Angeles.

Out of the small selection, I picked out my Pac-Man shirt, along with a pair of light gray jeans, as well as my black and white Heelys.

With my clothes in hand, I quickly started to get changed, tossing aside my outfit from the day before. Dressed, I grabbed my brush, and tried to fight against the slightly tangled mess that was my hair.

Once that was done, once I was ready, I picked up a set of keys that I rarely carried with me, and made my way out to the living room.

Sitting on the couch, waiting more patiently than what I could have ever believed him capable of, Toby slowly looked up to gaze at me. It was right then that I noticed what he had chosen to wear for the day. It was the turquoise TOBUSCUS shirt that he'd been wearing the day that we met, as well as it was the same shirt that he'd let me borrow. To go with his shirt, he'd also put on a pair of khaki shorts, then finally to top it all off, he was also wearing his Heelys. It looked as though he'd tried to tame his hair, but had failed ultimately in the end. "Hey! You ready to go?" He asked, just as a huge smile took over his face.

"Yeah. Oh, but before I forget..." I tossed the keys that I'd picked up to him, and when he caught them without any effort at all, I said, "They're the keys that go to my ancient car..."

Tilting his head to the side, he whispered, "It's your car...so why aren't you going to drive us to wherever we're going?"

I couldn't help but to cringe, Toby had just asked the one question that I'd been hoping to avoid, so unwillingly, I spoke, making sure that my voice was barely able to be heard...except by the keenest of ears. "I absolutely hate driving...not to mention...I'm horrendous at it..." As my sentence trailed off, I could see Toby our of the corner of my eye, and I wasn't surprised to see him shaking with silent laughter. Slowly I felt my cheeks growing hot. "Toby..."

His hazel eyes cracked open slightly, then smiling, he gently began to apologize. "I'm sorry, Brixta, I just find it funny that you can Heely, but that you can't drive."

"Well as car just so happens to be bigger than both me and my Heelys put together...I have trouble judging distances...which would lead to the story of how my murder-tank car took out a brick wall...I walked away fine, same as my car, which seriously is like a Goliath battle tank! Where as that wall...well the wall...may it rest in pieces..."

As expected with a single snort, Toby once again threw his head back in thunderous laughter. Tears slowly welled up and streamed down at the corners of his eyes, and ran down the sides of his face. Yet the instant that he wiped them away with one of his fingers, more would take their place. Gradually, after several minutes had gone by, and with Toby now doubled over with his hands gripping onto his knees, the laughing finally beginning to subdue, he looked up at me, and with his voice shaking from the extended amount of time laughing, he whispered, "You...you mean to tell me...that you....that you actually took out a wall with your car? Where was I when all of this happened?"

Pretending to think for a second, I then answered, "Probably somewhere in Los Angeles, doing the exact same thing that you're doing right now. Laughing to the point where you're crying."

"Do you think that I should change my ways? Become a more serious person?" His smile was gentle, but there was a hope in his voice that told me that he was searching for a specific response. That he wasn't really wanting to change...at least not yet.

"No." I gave him my warmest, sweetest smile that I had to show him that I was being sincere. "Toby, I don't want you to change, and neither does the Audience. We all think that you're pretty perfect as you are right now." Walking over to him, I gently took hold of his hand, and squeezed it in mine. "So without changing who you are, are you ready to go out and have a little fun?"

Smiling back at me, he slowly nodded, and turning to the front door, locked up and headed out for a day filled with fun.

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