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Next opportunity you have to totally relax, get out your best set of headphones, and que-up "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire"....as the sounds draw you into his music, surrender and allow your conscious awareness to exist only from nanosecond-to-nanosecond, in the space between the notes of the music. Aside from unconsciously becomming part of the music, the expereince will transport you to a totally unique level of higher consciousness. 

The notes, beat, sound frequency and lyrics will transform your DNA.

Here-in lies the healer, shaman, artist, and Todd's real message...."Love is the answer", indeed!

Been an apostle of Todd's since the late sixties...he is for real, and there is none better!
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

Great thoughts thanks I'm looking for music to gentle my moods.

in my opinion, the best rock-god on the planet!

Music makes us feel good