I was fortunate enough to be at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on Saturday 6th Feb - the one date on this tour in England - and the one chance to witness A Wizard A True Star being performed in the UK.Like my friend who travelled with me said - it was a sort of time travel for Todd Heads who were not fortunate enough to have been in the USA in 1974 when the original tour happened. Wow. What an experience; a truly awesome event. There are snippets to peruse on Youtube; but, trust me - being there was essential. And the band...An unintentional who's who of Rundgren-produced or inspired acts? The Tubes, Cars and Utopia - Prince, Hawkes and Sulton there dressed in white tails; Rundgren with at least 10 changes of costume to represent the characters from the album...Visually both stunning and hilarious at the same time. There's a message and hummour in Rundgren's music - and both were evident as the characters cavorted and sang on the stage. Lighting minimal but effective; visuals used to great effect- but oh; the sound.From the opening, the sound was perfect and THAT is what makes the man. Deconstructing his own album, restoring it for the stage bit by bit. The tour resulted from samples used by modern day performers; a few words here, a synth sound there. His fans wanted him to do AWATS - so he did. Meticulously. And I love him for it! A musician for the people.Just an example really of the imagination of the man and also his humility when it comes to those who have followed him down the years. On some level, the hard-core DO love him Travel thousands of miles to hear him talk or play. Me? That one experience will live with me forever. I have some CDs, not alll of them; there's way too many - and be fair, some are not for me! I have Utopia, I can spot a Rundgren produced offering simply becasue I know what to expect. And he shows no sign of letting up...Long may he run.Thanks dude.
hawk2002 hawk2002
46-50, M
Feb 8, 2010