Toe Ring And Sandals!

I love the summer! It's the absolute best time for viewing sexy womens feet and nicely pedicured toes. I absolutely, positively love it when women wear nice sandals and show their painted toes with rings on them.

One particular lovely lady would always make my day extra special when she passed me on the way to work. She caught me checking out her feet one morning and from that point on, she made it clear that I always get a good look at her tasty feet. Woman had long, sexy, suckable toes, nice big nail beds, smooth heels and nice skin!

She wore nice flip flops and toe loop sandals with the rings most of the time on her middle toes. A solid silver ring on her right foot and a gold ring with a diamond on her left foot. All the while she would tease me more, accentuating the slapping sound of her thong sandals against her heels! If I was lucky to catch her at a light, she would give me a nice little wiggle of her toes.

One day she pulled a change-up on me. She decided to wear two toe rings on her right foot. She put silver rings on her second and fourth toes while keeping the gold ring on the middle toe of her left foot. Needless to say I had to fight off some major wood coming and store it in the spank bank!

Ah the beauty and power of a womens feet!!!
RedBrook RedBrook
36-40, M
2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Toe rings with bare feet are even better!

love summer for sandals and winter for boots! all good!