Toe Rings Turn Me On...

...and I'm talking about the ones on my toes, lol. The rings on my toes make me feel sexy and turns me on. Sexy toes with sexy rings. Not just any rings mind you, but sparkly, gold (yellow and white), shining bright. Yep love my toe rings.

Rainystorm Rainystorm
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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

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I used to sell foot care products over the phone. I don't know why, but talking to women over the phone about their feet REALLY turns me on and I was quite surprized how many women love it too. One of the things I sold were toe rings. Sometimes I would depart from the sales sc<x>ript and one I got the confidence of the woman I was talking to gradually got more sexual--not crudely so unless the person wante to, but I eventually got arond to asking the women if they liked having their toes sucked. I began to notice a pattern. The women who wore toe tings LOVED having their toes sucked, especially if they wore more than one. Now if I see a woman w/a sexy pair of feet in public wearing toe rings, I compliment them and start up a conversation. Eventually I lean over and whissper in their ear: "I have a theory about women who wear toe rings-that they love having their toes sucked-is this true?" Amazingly some of these women get instantly turned on and shisper back "I LOVE having my toes sucked"<br />
<br />
So tell me. Is my theory correct?

Me to!!