Passed Right By It

The first song I remember hearing was Ready, Set, Go! I liked the song, but I only thought of it when it was on the radio. Then they stopped playing them. I owe credit to finding them to Monsoon in Guitar Hero. I really just wanted to put on songs I could actually like, and I knew Tokio Hotel was a good band, even if I heard but two songs. It just stuck. I started getting extremely into it, had to have all the CD's, German especially. I literally listened to them three weeks straight, nothing else. And when i finally got back to reality, so to speak, I still tended to skip over other artists on my MP3. If a band can elicit this sort of dedication in me, you know for sure they're amazing, because I'm not the type AT ALL to overreact, especially about celebrities. Every time I hear a song, it's like the first time hearing it. Maybe I'll hear a word I didn't notice before, or I'm listening to the German version and find I now understand parts (I've been learning German (since before I started to listen to them)). Never the less, I love TH.

Photoismusic Photoismusic
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2010