One Of The Best Nights Of My Life

About a year and a half I saw TH in concert. At this point I had only been a fan for 2 weeks and my friends were dragging me along. Given that this is experience project, I figure I would share the experience.



Myself and my 3 other friends waited outside for about 3hrs and in that space of time we met new people and spoke of nothing but TH (obviously).

When we finally got inside the venue, complete euphoria took over and it was like a major high or an outer body experience. Just seeing the empty stage with the curtain over it made me crazy. It almost felt like a dream or a really big joke. At one point I expected them to come on this big screen over the stage and be all like “Hahaha, we fooled you silly Canadian girls!” and they wouldn’t even have Bill saying it, they’d have Gustav, the one who barely talks insult us just because they can cuz they’re Tokio Hotel.

About an hour later we hear someone beat a drum and we all go INSANE!! Unfortunately nothing happens and we quiet down… sort of. This happens about two more times and still nothing and I remember yelling “Okay Gustav, we get it, your drums work!!!” At this point we promise not to scream again until we actually see them. Drum beats again, and what do we do? Scream our heads off like maniacs even though we said we wouldn’t (that’s the point we realised we were POWERLESS when it came to TH).

(Also, some person said that while all this was happening her MOM saw Tom walk behind the crowd and go backstage, which I don’t believe for 3 reasons

  1. He’s not dumb, it’s not Europe but I think he knows if he goes into a crowd of ppl especially w/o security, he WILL be ATTACKED- I’d be the attacker

  2. I find it hard to believe that only ONE person from the back would have seen him. The drum thingy was distracting, but come on, it’s TOM, you can’t miss him

  3. Your MOM, really.

We’re all wondering what’s going on, and are begging them to stop torturing us. Then the drumsticks beat together…

The curtain goes up….

The music starts…



The magic begins with Ready, Set, Go and I’m jumping and screaming and singing with my friends when all of a sudden this huge wave of people crash into me from behind, almost pulling me down with them. The wave subsides, I’m still singing we move on. Unfortunately this madness continues for the rest of the song and in to the next song (which ironically happened to he ‘Final Day’) in which I lost my friends, my shoe and I thought I was literally going to DIE. Then a billion security people show up out of no where and drag those f***** morons who caused the human tidal waves out of the venue. With that over my shoe somehow finds me and I find my friends.

I thought it was funny how throughout all of this I was still singing and jumping without a shoe, my friends and while being tackled. I believe TH has that effect on people.

The rest of the night was pure insanity, like when I damaged my vocal chords and jaw from just ‘Scream’ alone, and shattering my friends’ eardrums by yelling at Tom telling him how HOT he is (though I’m sure he already knows). About 45min into the concert after ‘Raise Your Hands’ Bill say “The next song is the last song for tonight.” Screaming ppl “Thank you SOO MUCH for coming.” More screams of disbelief “I hope to see everyone again, okay” (his actual words) He says something else but I can’t hear cuz over half the venue is screaming “WHAT!!!” Bill pays no attention to this and they start with the “last song” of the night ‘By Your Side’. Let me just say that Bill should not pursue a career in acting cuz the whole time he was singing he was smiling like a maniac. You could tell he was teasing us and loving every second of it.

So anyway they finish “By Your Side” and all of the actually LEAVE the stage and the stage goes black. I was like WTF. I was SOOO sad and I joined in with everyone else’s “ENCORE” chant and then they return on chairs out of no where and sing  ‘Rescue Me’. At this point I KNEW they were so fraudulent, telling us it was the last song of the nite, but wtv we all started screaming and jumping when they came back because they’re TOKIO HOTEL and you can’t not love them.

After the actual last song, ‘Durch Den Munsun’ and Bill’s adorable dance at the end and Tom singing for all of 5 seconds it was the END and the real pandemonium began. The good men of Tokio Hotel have a habit of throwing their towels and drumsticks into the audience along with spraying their water at the audience once their done drinking. This parts pretty much a blur but I remember a few things:

  1. Finally seeing Gustav!!! I was so HAPPY, he came from behind his drum set clapping, waving, smiling and chucking drumsticks at us… he’s just too adorable.

  2. One of my friends choking on Georg’s water and getting hit by this water bottle and then dropping it for some other random fan to grab it (she was pretty pissed off).

  3. Note: I promised my self I would not reduce my self to one of those crazy pushing maniacs, who make us suffer because they showed up to late. Umm, ya about that. I did live up to my promise for most of the concert, but the minute Tom threw his towel into the crowd I was like climbing over people. I know I’m a bad person, but jezze, it’s TOM. I didn’t get the towel but I got wet all down by shirt and what not (Gd, I luv that shirt now), and I started freaking out like a crazy person.

  4. Bill leaving the stage like a diva (he should consider modeling).


After evacuating the venue and finding fresh air, all my friends and I could do was just scream (we were like the loudest one’s outside the club) and yell about how awesome it was for about an hour. Then the 4 of us walked over to a pier on Lake Ontario (the venue was right beside the lake), laid /sat on the edge, looked out at all the city lights/planes/stars (which were probably planes) and began to sing ‘Sacred’. (As cheesy as this may sound, I didn’t make it up.)

All in all, I would sum it up as the greatest nite of my life so far. Only for TH could I stand for hours, be dehydrated, being hunted down for money (whole other story) and almost be killed (and push others) and call it the best NIGHT OF MY LIFE.

So that’s the whole concert thing. There’s like SOOOO much more that happened and I could fill up pages but I won’t.

quinn483 quinn483
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2010