I Got That Drag-***** Courage, I Can Really Drive a Bed!

At least I hope thats the line. XD

I love Tom Waits, saw him live at the Palace Theater here in Louisville, Kentucky....almost orgasmed at the sight of him. I have every album available, but I am sure I'm missing a few and will go 'OutBack' to find the sumbitchez.

People say i am too young to appreciate him for all his glory but they can kiss me brown bottom! Much lubz for Mr. Waits and I hope he lives forever!
causticstorm causticstorm 21-25, F 1 Response Sep 9, 2007

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Step right up, step right up......What the big print giveth the small print taketh away.

Also, very nice is Down By Law and Ironweed. What were you doing in Louisville? I lived there for a few years. Saw Ry Cooder at UofL - that was a show.