actually i love the game more (WHOLE SERIES BRARWGH), but the first tomb raider movie was actually great :D
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I love the games too. And the movies were ok. I like how they made sure Lara's assets were correct in the movie.

U r so right. I do wish the plot was a bit better. And I kept waiting for Angelina to do the walk from the early games :( that would have been cool.

Haha, glad I could give u a bit of excitement. Maybe in the next game they will bring back those quirks. And I want them to keep her super busty too, but that's just my quirk :)

That's part of the magic of the game. And I think it's good to have a female action hero that is very feminine.

There was a movie?? I thought it was just a game

lol, I'm lost sometimes

Will do, does she get hurt a lot like in the games? I have played a bit of the latest one I think, and she gets beaten, stabbed beaten again, drowned, shot, stabbed again, beaten again so I had to stop

That's good, I'm going to watch it sometime later this week

Will do

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