The Tongue

The tongue way sexier than the ****.
Laur3n Laur3n
31-35, F
9 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Fenching? Did I miss out on some new fangled dirty word? Hope you meant Frenching so I don't feel left out.

This group was started by a Belgian woman,don't think her grasp of English was all that.
My sentiment stands though.

Actually I have to agree with this.

Hmmm. I certainly appreciate a talented tongue. But a warm stiff **** stretching a wet vagina is heaven too. ;-)


En garde ;)

It's all a matter of what you do with what you've got, particularly with your tongue! :P :P P

It is an acquired talent for sure....and lots of imagination and perception to truly become a master of tongue love....and the same technique does not work the same with all men or women....and a certain about of experimentation is required to adjust to the lover.

Whooa deep feelings in that one line story of yours haha

Oh yes, that's true for anyone (even for us that love only a woman's touch), and moreover, it's my view that the mouth is indeed the second most erotic zone on a human's body. So funny enough, I do get aroused by seeing only someones mouth. Even more than only their eyes.

MMM nothing like a man with an exceptional tongue lol...